Name: Saint III
Price: 29.99 USD

Be sure to write your username exactly as it is in game. You will receive the following cosmetic perks:

  • All cosmetic perks from Saint I, Saint II, and...
  • Arrow Trail Effects
    • Bubble Pop, Campfire Cosy Smoke, Crimson Spore, Crit Magic, Damage Indicator, Enchantment Table, Explosion Large, Falling Honey, Falling Nectar, Lava, Smoke Large, Soul, Soul Fire Flame, Spell Instant, Squid Ink, Villager Angry, Village Happy, Warped Spore
  • Essentials
    • Nickname and Chat with RGB colors (any color) and bold
    • Join server when full
  • Ultra Cosmetics
    • Gadgets
      • Black Hole, Christmas Tree, Color Bomb, Disco Ball, Firework, Freeze Cannon, Ghost Party, Quake Gun, Smash Down, Trampoline
    • Mounts
      • Ecologist Horse, Infernal Horror, Mount Of Water, Nyan Sheep, Rudolph, Spider
    • Particle Effects
      • Angel Wings, Blood Helix, Fire Waves, Flame Fairy, Flame Rings, Green Sparks, Inferno
    • Pets
      • Christmas Elf, Iron Golem, Parrot, Pumpling, Wither