Name: Saint I
Price: 9.99 USD

Be sure to write your username exactly as it is in game. You will receive the following cosmetic perks:

  • Arrow Trail Effects
    • Ash, Reverse Portal, Sneeze, Snowball, Spell Mob, Totem, Town Aura, Water Splash, White Ash
  • Essentials
    • Chat and Sign colors
    • /hat, /nick, /craft
  • Ultra Cosmetics
    • Gadgets
      • Bat Blaster, Blizzard Blaster, Chickenator, Melon Thrower, Paintball Gun, Rocket
    • Mounts
      • Glacial Steed, Slime, Snake
    • Particle Effects
      • Crushed Candy Cane, Frozen Walk, In Love, Music, Santa Hat
    • Pets
      • Cow, Piggy